Climate Control at the Magic Mike Australia Live Show


Magic Mike 


Climate Control for the Magic Mike Australia Live Tour

The Project:

After such huge success across the globe, Magic Mike live brought their show over to Australian shores, and needed the help of Active Air to keep things cool.

Building a fully functional air conditioning system from the ground up, the Active Air team were required to travel overseas to Belgium to design and implement the AC engineering.

Working with Spiegel Tent for an all-in-one solution

To ensure that the design of the air conditioning system met the high standards of the Magic Mike show, Active Air’s Director Brad Sweeney, travelled overseas to Belgium to work closely with well-known tent supplier, Spiegel Tent, which was being used as the portable venue for the Magic Mike shows. 

Known for their worldwide footprint and lavish tent designs, the experienced professionals at Spiegel Tent worked in collaboration with Active Air for a custom air conditioning system that was capable of cooling the space with a large capacity of people, without being seen. 

By working in tandem, the client could rest easy knowing that the set up for their show was being taken care of seamlessly. 

Taking Australia by storm

The Magic Mike national roadshow tour will be travelling Australia from November 2020 to November 2022, seeing the low temperature of Victoria in Winter as well as the heat of Queensland in Summer. This means that the AC solution design had to be flexible to cater for conditions all year round, and in all degrees of climate across the country. 

To make this happen, Active Air implemented eight temporary 100 kW reverse cycle packaged units controlled by a central controller, to maintain a constant temperature within the tent, no matter the weather conditions or varying number of people in the audience. Discrete fabric ducting and air grilles were incorporated into the sophisticated fit out design so that they were totally concealed, and modelling was used to ensure the air distribution caused no discomfort to the audience member, whether the systems were cooling or heating.

Active Air to the rescue

With such a famous and popular show, finding a customised solution was crucial for Magic Mike, achieved through the meticulous planning and years of experience from the entire Active Air team.

Services rendered:
    • Climate Control
    • 100 kW Reverse Cycle Packaged Units

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