The Perfect Blend: Funky Cafe Meets Humble Evaporative Cooling Unit

Providing Jessie's Cafe with

The Situation

Jessie’s Café is a funky café / barista school /  home wares / clothing store which operates from a warehouse style premise in the southern suburbs of Perth. The front half of the facility is the café while the rear is a production area where coffee grinding and food processes occur.

The front and rear sections of the business are separated only by dividers which are approximately 1800 mm high. There is no suspended ceiling below the warehouse’s metallic roof.

What Happened

Jessie required air conditioning for the entire facility but special attention had to be paid to the “quirky” décor of the retail section. The ambience had to be considered with the utmost importance.

An Evaporative Cooler Was Just the Thing

The solution was to locate an Active Air Evaporative Cooler outside the building and away from the public eye. We carefully positioned the ducts and connected them to a 1800 mm wall panel with adjustable grate.

The staff then painted and decorated the wall panel to tie in with the décor ensuring the ambience was unaffected whilst a strong supply of cold air cooled patrons and staff.

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