Industrial Warehouse Heaters

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15 kW Electric Heater

The 15 kW electric heater is an extremely versatile machine that can be used for a variety of applications. It features a safety cut-off switch which helps to reduce hazards, an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings, and adjustable airflow direction.

21 kW Electric Heater

This 21 kW electric heater has been designed and purpose-built exclusively by Active Air. Built to Australian standards and using the highest quality components, there is no other unit quite like it in the market. They’re ideal for heat load testing, space heating large areas such as warehouses, factories, and change rooms, event heating, and large space heating such as theatres, halls, churches and shopping malls.

350 kW Containerised Boiler

The 350 kW boiler is containerised, streamlining the moving process. It’s great for heating large spaces like warehouses, and is an ideal solution in the event of a boiler breakdown. Plus, it runs on diesel so there’s no need to have natural gas available onsite.

HVAC 400 MJ Gas Burner

If you’re looking to heat a large area such as a warehouse or large event space, our HVAC unit is the perfect solution. Powered by LP gas, this unit only requires a small supply of power and will get your space nice and toasty warm in no time. It provides indirect heating meaning the flame never comes into contact with the air being supplied into the space. Plus, this unit is extremely quiet which makes it perfect for situations when minimal noise is required.

56 kW Packaged Unit Air Conditioner

The trailer-mounted Temperzone 56 kW reverse cycle packaged unit air conditioner was specifically designed for air conditioning commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets. And being trailer-mounted makes this machine extremely efficient and cost effective in terms of transportation.

105 kW Packaged Unit Air Conditioner

The 105 kW reverse cycle packaged unit air conditioner is great for both cooling and heating. Plus it suits a wide range of duct towers, grilles and fabric ducting to ensure temporary climate control needs are met without creating an eyesore.

60 kW Low Temp Reverse Cycle Chiller

The versatile 60 kW reverse cycle chiller not only provides heating and cooling, it also has a low temp option. And with the capability of a much larger machine, it really packs a punch while being extremely compact.

90 kW Reverse Cycle Chiller

The compact E-Series Modular 90 kW reverse cycle chiller by Mitsubishi Electric provides both heating and cooling at high efficiencies. With its narrow design, the machine takes up minimal space while also producing low noise levels.

Temporary Warehouse Industrial Heaters for Hire

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