Electrical Distribution Board Hire

Power distribution is an important consideration at any outdoor event.

We have a large range of electrical distribution boards including single phase, three phase and power lock. Our distribution boards paired with our generators allow us to provide the complete electrical solution for any project or event.

Single Phase Distribution Board

All of Active Air’s distribution boards are built to Australian standards, ensuring they comply with all safety codes.

3 Phase Distribution Board

All of Active Air’s distribution boards are built to Australian standards, ensuring they comply with all safety codes.

Powerlock Distribution Board

These powerlock distribution boards have been custom-built to Active Air’s specifications, making them extremely unique and highly sought after units. They provide high current capacity with the versatility to dial up and down to match power requirements.

Synchronising Boards

This creates a common bus allowing multiple protected outputs possible for the clients’ requirements.

On the hunt for an economical, reliable, high-quality distribution board? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Active Air, we have a diverse range of electrical distribution boards available for hire across Australia.

Our range is effective and versatile – whatever your power needs and limitations, we have the distribution board solution that’ll ensure your outdoor event or festival runs smoothly.

The dedicated team behind Active Air boast almost five decades of experience. We are passionate about delivering an industry-leading service backed by a gold standard in customer care. When you choose our distribution board hire service, you can rest easy knowing you are accessing the best tech on the market for a competitive price.

Find out more about us and our electrical distribution boards below. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1800 50 50 47.

What is a distribution board?

A distribution board is a component of an electricity supply system. It divides a power feed into subsidiary circuits, as well as offers a protective fuse or circuit breaker. Think of it like a super power board – the main supply cable comes in, and the electricity is distributed to various electrical devices (such as lights or power sockets).

The benefits of distribution board hire

Whether you need a single-phase or 3-phase distribution board, opting to hire rather than buy ensures you secure top-quality systems that don’t break the budget. When you hire from Active Air, you can take full advantage of the following benefits:

  •         Adherence to strict Australian standards and safety codes
  •         High current capacity with the versatility to dial up and down to match changing needs
  •         Cabling that features heavy-duty insulation and easy-to-use colour-coded length labelling
  •         Durable cable covers that enable guests to move safely over electrical cabling, even those with a stroller or wheelchair

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Why use distribution boards?

A distribution board is a necessary piece of equipment to evenly distribute power. It divides incoming power into subsidiary circuits and prevents electrical overloads with a circuit breaker or fuse. Whether you are powering an industrial fan or a portable air conditioner, you’ll need an electrical distribution board.  As the industry leader, Active Air can help.

What types of distribution boards do you offer for hire?

Active Air has three types of distribution boards:

  • Single-phase — Simple to operate and common, this is suitable for smaller machinery but lacks the power for heavy industrial motors.
  • 3 Phase distribution board — With three power wires coming into the board there is always a steady stream of power. This is excellent for higher loads typically used by industrial chillers.
  • Powerlock Board — Custom-built to Active Air’s specifications, a powerlock electrical distribution board allows emergency power to be quickly connected in the event of a mains failure.

Along with distribution board hire, we can supply cabling and cable covers to help you run everything smoothly.

How do I choose which distribution board to hire?

When it comes to electrical distribution hire, the best way to choose is by getting in touch — let us know what you plan to power and we’ll make sure you have the right distribution board for hire that can handle your power requirements safely and continuously.

Why hire Active Air Rental distribution boards?

All of Active Air’s distribution boards are built to Australian standards, ensuring they comply with all relevant safety codes. Our cabling features heavy-duty insulation and colour coding for added convenience. With over 45 years of experience in power distribution, Active Air gives you honest, expert advice when you contact us for distribution board hire. We make sure that our equipment matches your needs and we are proud to offer a competitive, affordable service. Active Air is available across Australia whether you are running an outdoor music festival in Perth or shooting a TV series in Hobart. Get in touch today and see why we are the number one choice for electrical distribution hire.

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