Portable Air Conditioner Rental

Do you need to hire portable air conditioners? TIME TO GET ACTIVE

Whether you need to hire one or multiple portable air conditioners, we have a wide range of portables, including reverse cycle air conditioners and split air conditioners. They’re perfect for use in offices, data centres, server rooms, aged care facilities, retail environments and much more.

4.0 kW Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

The 4 kW reverse cycle portable air conditioner is a highly portable machine which provides both heating and cooling options. And it runs off a standard 10 A power point, so there are no special power requirements.

4.5 kW Air Conditioner

The Denso MovinCool 4.5 kW portable air conditioner sets the benchmark in the industry with its unrivaled performance. And it’s the perfect solution to any situation as it cools just as well in an office as it does in a coal mine.

4.7 kW Split Air Conditioner

The 4.7 kW split air conditioner is a single fan spot cooler with large volume air movement is perfect for server rooms, production areas, and work places. The unit is lightweight allowing it to be easily moved around. And the outside unit has the flexibility of either top or side discharge and can be placed up to 30 metres away.

15 kW Split Air Conditioner

The 15 kW split air conditioner is a state of the art unit, designed and manufactured in Italy using the highest quality materials and finishes. Plus the unit is compact and easily moveable, and is ideal for data centres and cooling larger offices.

20 kW Portable Air Conditioner

Originally designed for the US Army, the 20 kW portable air conditioner, with its increased capacity and small footprint, makes it the perfect solution for data and server rooms where low temperatures are critical and space is tight.

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