A Temporary Ice Rink for Hunter Valley Gardens


Hunter Valley Gardens


Power & Climate Control

The Project:

Working alongside Hunter Valley Gardens, Active Air provided a low temperature chiller and power plant for their Snow Time in the Garden event. 

Transforming their space into a Winter Wonderland, Hunter Valley Gardens enlisted the help of Active Air for the occasion. 

The event included a full-sized ice rink, toboggan run, Santa cave, and a snow machine large enough to transform the entire garden into a complete wonderland for families to enjoy.

Powering an ice rink and toboggan run

As part of the event, Hunter Valley Gardens required plant and equipment capable of delivering chilled water at a temperature of -12oC which was used for an ice rink and toboggan run, with a nominal capacity of 1000 kW. 

Using a Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, three chillers were temporarily installed: two low temperature chillers and one low load chiller. The use of three chillers for the project also meant that there was a built-in redundancy should a problem occur, and the DDC system maximised energy efficiency. 

The plant used to power the chillers was made up of four synchronised 200 kVA diesel generators and two fuel cells, controlled by a computerised system which maximises energy and fuel efficiency. 

Keeping it cool

With the event in July, Active Air was asked to provide a low temperature chiller and air handling unit capable of chilling a 15 metre by 15 metre structure to 10oC. 

The total unit for cooling was made up of an 80 kW low temperature chiller and air handling unit, buffer tank and ducting, and all associated hoses and interconnected cabling. 

To power this equipment, a 100 kVa diesel generator and fuel cell was used. 

Powering the snow machine

To supply power to the snow making machine, Active Air temporarily installed a 550 kVA skid-mounted generator, a 3000 fuel cell, and two sets of 240 mm powerlock cables. 

Before the event, Active Air electricians tested all equipment to verify phase rotation and correct voltage. 

The Active Air difference

With such a notable event, Hunter Valley Gardens needed to ensure that all their equipment and power was suitable for the occasion, without risk of breakdowns. 

Active Air’s meticulous planning and experience meant that Snow Time in the Garden event was a success for all involved. 

Services rendered:
    • Climate Control
    • Temporary Chiller Solution
    • Power Distribution
    • 1000 kW Chiller

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