Whether you’re planning an upcoming event or require temporary heating solutions for an air conditioner breakdown at school, heater rentals are ideal. Renting a heater instead of buying offers myriad benefits across various Australian industries.

This helpful guide will explain why you should consider renting a heater to ensure your business or function runs smoothly and keeps everyone warm.

5 reasons to hire a rental heater

Commercial heater rental is increasingly popular among many businesses in Australia. It’s an easy method of warming up an office, construction site, or industrial facility without investing in a more permanent solution that might not fit your business needs. If you’re on the fence about whether or not commercial heater rental is right for your business, explore the following benefits:

  1. Avoid maintenance issues

Just like any other electrical appliance, heating units can degrade in quality over time and require cleaning and maintenance annually to ensure they function in optimum condition. By opting for industrial heater rental instead, you can leave maintenance in the hands of qualified professionals rather than relying on a manufacturer’s warranty policy which might not provide service or replacement parts on time.

  1. Increased accessibility to various heaters

Purchasing a heater commits you to the same type of heater for the long haul when your heating needs may change over time. Commercial heater rental with Active Air gives you access to various heaters, from small electrical mini furnaces to larger electric blowers or unit air conditioners that provide heating and cooling solutions.

  1. Added convenience

Save your company time and money with commercial heater rental designed for easy setup. At Active Air, our end-to-end service covers you by installing the heating equipment that specifically addresses your needs.

  1. Flexibility to address heating solutions as required

Whether you require outdoor heater rental for an upcoming event or a quiet, safe, efficient heater for your warehouse or shopping centre, we have you covered.

  1. Affordability

Commercial heater rentals allow you to control the temperature without investing in a long-term solution.

How to choose your rental heater

If this is your first time browsing the market for heater rental and you’re unsure of where to start, here are some essential factors to consider to decide on the right heater rental:


  • The type of commercial heater rental — Choose from an array of heaters, including mini furnaces for smaller spaces and electric patio outdoor heater rentals.
  • Heater purpose — Consider how you will use your rental heater and why it’s needed. For example, an industrial heater rental like our containerised boiler will accommodate larger warehouses for an industrial site.
  • The capacity of your space — Whether you require a rental heater for outdoor, indoor, small or large spaces will influence your decision.


Active Air — Australia’s leading company for heater rentals

At Active Air, we provide innovative heating rental solutions across various sectors Australia-wide. Our skilled engineers have years of experience designing climate control and power solutions that you can count on when renting our expertly maintained, quality equipment. Thanks to our extensive stock of state-of-the-art heater rentals, we can design a tailored installation that perfectly suits your business needs.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team, who would be more than happy to help.