Computer Room Cooling

Let Active Air help with your computer room cooling needs

Computer room cooling requirements are more urgent than ever these days, with so many companies operating remotely and doing business online. Active Air, specialists in climate control, can assist with all your server room cooling and crac air conditioning needs.

Active Air has cooling solutions for a huge range of client scenarios, including:

  • Commercial offices
  • Retail spaces
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Sporting events
  • Festivals

Our professionals can guide you towards the cooling methods for your particular space and computer configuration. We work with computer rooms of all sizes, from warehouse square footage to tiny rooms maximising available space.

Computer and server cooling requirements are becoming more complex

It’s tempting to think that computer rooms need less cooling than in previous decades because equipment has gotten so small. But the opposite is actually the case. Computers may have shrunk, but they use more electricity and generate more heat than their predecessors. With so much work being done via the internet, the use of servers has grown tremendously, and when they’re stacked up, especially in tight spaces, proper cooling is essential.

The computer room air conditioner or server room air conditioner of days past won’t get the job done. You risk putting your hardware — and your business — at risk with inadequate cooling. Let the pros handle your CRAC unit to ensure your equipment stays within the right temperature zone, which also makes the area more comfortable for staff who have to work there.

Active Air has the chillers, fans, air conditioners, and other equipment you need, for as long as you need it

Depending on your situation, you may need a variety of cooling solutions for your computer room. We can help you assemble the right combination of cooling equipment tailored to your needs. Whether you need chillers, fans, or more, we’ve got it at Active Air.

Our portable air conditioners are effective, quiet, and easy to install. An optional float-controlled condensate pump and tubing let you drain water wherever you like, so you can use them in unmanned server rooms.

Reach out today, and let us know how Active Air can help with your computer room cooling.

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