Do you need temporary air conditioning or power for an industrial or manufacturing application?

Time To Get Active.


An extensive range of equipment to suit your needs.

No matter the type of equipment or the quantity you need, Active Air has the scale to provide you with a solution.

From large chillers, warehouse air-conditioning and generators to distribution boards and cables, you can trust that Active Air has the capability to handle your project. Engineered for reliability and performance, our equipment range sets the industry standard — guaranteeing your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Wherever you are, we can deliver to you.

A national network of corporate offices and delivery depots means that no matter where you’re located, Active Air can provide you with climate control and power solutions.

Whether you’re located in the remote areas of Australia or somewhere within the South Pacific, we will find the most cost effective method to get you the equipment you need.


Know costs upfront with transparent pricing.

The last thing you want is hidden or unexpected costs creeping up and blowing your budget. That’s why we make sure our pricing is clear and straightforward, so you can accurately forecast your costs.


Solutions you can count on.

When you rent from Active Air, you know that you’re not only getting the highest quality equipment, you’re also getting the best possible solution.

The Active Air Guarantee ensures that your custom solutions are designed specifically for your project’s needs by our expert staff and that they work every time.

Actively plan ahead, so you don’t get caught out if things go wrong.

Contingency planning is the best way to ensure your operations get back up and running as quickly as possible in the event that something goes wrong. Learn more about ProActive Planning

Keep an eye on equipment for added peace of mind.

Ensure equipment continues to operate smoothly with remote monitoring technology. By keeping track of equipment remotely, any potential problems can be fixed quickly, ensuring your equipment is always doing its job.

Equipment on standby for when you need it.

As your equipment gets older, the chances of failure increase. Replacing equipment can be expensive which means you may need to live with what you have for a while. Having equipment on standby ensures that if a failure occurs, you’ll be back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Low-temp chillers — Ideal for precise cooling and warehouse air-conditioning, our low-temp chillers offer unmatched efficiency and reliability to maintain the quality of your assets.

  • Medium-temp chillers — Perfect for versatile applications, these chillers provide consistent climate control for medium temperature requirements.

  • Dehumidifiers — Eliminate excess moisture and create an optimal atmosphere for your industrial processes with our high-performance dehumidifiers.

  • Pumps — Our pumps are engineered for durability, ensuring seamless water flow for your cooling systems.

  • Air — Experience superior air quality and circulation, vital for any warehouse cooling needs, with our advanced air systems.

  • Distribution boards — Safely manage your electrical distribution with our robust and reliable distribution boards. Designed for flexibility, they can be configured to meet your project’s needs.

  • Portable air conditioners — For quick and flexible cooling solutions, our portable air conditioners are second to none. They’re Ideal for temporary setups and immediate relief.

  • Packaged units — Simplify your climate control with our all-in-one packaged units, designed for efficiency and ease of use. Your go-to for hassle-free climate management.

  • Air handlers — Achieve precise air distribution and temperature control with our state-of-the-art air handlers. Their modular design allows for easy integration into existing systems.

  • Heating — Keep your industrial space warm during colder months with our efficient heating solutions. From radiant heaters to forced air, we’ve got your winter needs covered.

  • Power generation — Ensure uninterrupted operations with our reliable power generation equipment. Our generators are built to meet the demands of any industrial facility.

  • Cables & accessories — Complete your setup with our high-quality cables and accessories, designed for both safety and performance. Each component is rigorously tested to meet industry standards.

Ready to Upgrade Your Climate Control?

From warehouse cooling to advanced heating solutions, we offer the best in climate management, ideal for industrial and manufacturing settings. With Active Air, you get tailored, cutting-edge equipment that meet your exact needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Do you need a temporary climate control or power solution?

Time To Get Active.