Warming Finance

The Situation

The Royal Exhibition building was booked to house a meeting of financial minds in Melbourne during August, and as we know, Melbourne can be pretty cold at the best of times, let alone in August.

Organisers, Human Group, approached Active Air Rentals to provide a heating solution to keep delegates warm throughout the high-security event.

The Challenge

Being a heritage building of outstanding proportions, keeping delegates warm would provide a challenge. Active Air Rentals needed to consider power source and room layout as well as delegate seating when designing the solution.

The Solution

Active Air Rentals commissioned 30 eclectic blower heaters and 50 patio heaters to place in position throughout the space. The placement of heaters allowed that space to be kept at a consistent temperature keeping delegates warm and comfortable without being intrusive.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the success of it. Your passion for delivering a flawless event espouses in your mannerism, purpose and execution. It is also evident behind the scenes you manage your suppliers and team very well and are all accurately prepared.  From the moment we mentioned our in-depth need to you, you and your team engaged with the requirement and to ensure it’s success.” Helen Rosamond, Project Executive, Human Group Pty Ltd

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