The primary objective of this project was to provide a temporary chiller solution to support the concrete batching plant at Badgers Creek through the summer months. The chiller was essential for maintaining the ideal temperature conditions required for curing concrete efficiently during the construction of the new airport at Badgers Creek.


1. Temperature Control: The local climate at Badgers Creek presented challenges in maintaining the consistent temperature necessary for concrete curing, especially during extreme weather conditions.

2. Temporary Nature: The chiller solution needed to be temporary to align with the construction timeline of the airport in the hotter summer months.

3. Scalability: The chiller solution had to be scalable to meet varying concrete production demands.


A 500kW temporary chiller system was installed at the concrete batching plant. This chiller system was designed to efficiently cool the water used in the concrete mixing process, ensuring precise temperature control throughout the summer weather. The chiller system was designed to be easily expandable, allowing for adjustments in cooling capacity to match changes in concrete production requirements as the construction project progressed.


The installation of the temporary chiller solution significantly improved the quality of the cured concrete, resulting in enhanced structural integrity for the airport’s construction. The successful implementation of the temporary chiller solution played a vital role in keeping the project on schedule.

This case study highlights how the provision of a temporary chiller solution effectively addressed the challenges posed by varying weather conditions and contributed to the successful construction of the new airport at Badgers Creek.


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