The summer heat can be unbearable. It’s hot, you’re sweating and the aircon in your office or commercial space isn’t enough to make you feel comfortable. But what are you supposed to do? You don’t want to spend thousands on a full-size air conditioner when you only need a little extra cooling power. Fortunately, another option for those who want an affordable and temporary solution is portable air conditioning units! Here are some of the benefits of using a portable aircon:

Lower energy bills

A portable air conditioner is more energy efficient than other cooling options. It uses less power than window units, split systems, central systems and evaporative coolers. If you want to lower your utility bills, choosing a portable air conditioner is one way.

Requires small space and movable

A portable aircon does not take up a lot of space, and because it’s mobile, you can move it from one room to another. This is the case regardless of whether there’s a window, which traditional units often require.

Simple installation and maintenance

When you are ready to rent a portable air conditioner, you can be confident that the product will be easy to install. If you have any questions about the process, our friendly team of experts in Active Air Rentals will be happy to help you. Once it has been installed, maintenance on these machines is typically minimal.

Rent the best portable aircon from Active Air Rentals

Portable units are convenient and easy to move around from room to room. They take up less space than traditional window-mounted units, which means you can use them in areas with little room for cooling equipment.

It’s also worth remembering that they don’t need any special installation, so anyone can install one within minutes! If you’re looking for an easy temporary solution to keep your space cool during those hot summer days, consider renting the best portable aircon from Active Air Rentals. Contact us today for more information!