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Screen Queensland


Climate Control

The Project:
Working with Screen Queensland, Active Air came up with a long term climate control solution specially designed to suit the clients’ needs.

With three consecutive movies in the works, Screen Queensland quickly realised that they needed a more permanent solution for their climate control than the short term rentals they had been using over the years. The flawless track record of Active Air with these previous installs meant that they were the perfect choice for this new project.

“Active Air was the first on the list when it came down to choosing an air conditioning supplier. Working with them before meant that we knew they were capable of delivering exactly what we needed, and in the timeframe we agreed to,” says the client. 

Utilising advanced software to map airflow

Using advanced computer software which had been utilised previously when working on the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Active Air mapped the climate control system and created new fabric ducting for Screen Queensland. 

Based in Hemmant, Queensland, Screen Queensland’s space was originally built as a large storage facility, which was converted into a studio space in order to promote further growth for the film industry in Brisbane. 

Easy access panel for an integrated solution

Made up of two 3,000 m2 sound studios nestled side-by-side, Screen Queensland required a computerised system that would allow them to switch between air conditioning in each studio, as they are always used at separate times. For ease of access, this switch was in-built within the studio’s central control panel, which also powers lights and other electricity. 

“Having the controls to the system in one place allows for easy access to switch the ac on and off as needed between takes, making the process far more efficient,” says Fred Ottosson, Active Air’s Queensland Manager. 

The equipment that made up the cooling system includes a 750 kW chiller, two 350 kW air handlers within each building, and fabric ducting. 

The benefits of using Active Air

Permanent climate control can be an expensive project. To control the costs of the project, Active Air charges no upfront costs for long term equipment rentals, so there’s no nasty surprises when it comes time to pay. 

Hiring over buying also means that all equipment is fully maintained with no additional costs, drawn-out lead times, or risk to our clients. 

Working fast to deliver exactly to the client’s brief, Active Air provided a superior service, aided by transparency with workflow and clear communication.  

“Overall, we’re extremely happy with the services provided by the Active Air team. They work fast, do a great job, and we’ll definitely be using them again when we need to,” says the client.
Services rendered:
    • Climate Control
    • Fabric Ducting
    • 750 kW Chiller

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