Who Wouldn’t Love Making AWESOME Cool?

The Situation

Each year in the October school holidays, the AWESOME Festival presents a spectacular array of theatre, dance, early childhood activities, music, film and hands-on activities in the Perth Cultural Centre.

The AWESOME Festival is put on by AWESOME Arts a not-for-profit contemporary arts company for young people. AWESO ME Arts aims to engage with young people under 12 through exciting, inspiring, accessible and challenging arts activities and programs.

Bringing the festival to life are a number of marquees and tents all aimed to to engage with their AWESOME audience.

The Challenge and Solution

For the past three years Active Air Rentals have loved being a part of the AWESOME Festival, providing climate control to the various marquees and tents set up to engage and inspire their audience.

One of our biggest challenges has been providing cooling to the inflatable marquees, but this year that was made a whole lot easier with our new AC S45 Split System units. Having the condenser outside of the marquee with hoses running under to the unit makes for an easy and less obtrusive installation. AWESOME Festival organisers love these units and wants to use them for all of their events in the future, and that makes us feel, well pretty AWESOME, actually.

Our entire cooling solution includes the supply and installation of many high wall splits and 4kW portables to condition the structures.

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