Voltage Spikes No Challenge For Temporary Air Conditioners

The Situation

This North Sydney office building has a long history of air conditioning problems caused by random voltage spikes. Spikes that are severe enough to cause the compressors on the central air conditioning units to blow leading to air conditioning failure.

Add to that the fact that the building gets all day sun and includes a call centre with 90 staff and the situation quickly becomes overbearingly hot.

The Solution

Based on the size of the office, the heat load and taking into account the very tight space (just 30 cm) between the ceiling tiles and next level concrete slab, the Active Air team installed the stalwart in temporary air conditioners, the 4.5kW portable air conditioner.

The Results

The 4.5kW portable air conditioners work a trick and every time the compressors blow our units are installed to keep the call centre staff nice and cool.

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