Visy’s Stage 3 Processing Plant Launch

Providing Visy with Temporary Power, Temporary Climate Control

Pages Event Hire

Wedding Marquee
The Project:
When Pages Event Hire was tasked with organising Visy‘s processing plant launch, they turned to Active Air for a complete solution including power supply, power distribution, and climate control.
Services rendered:
  • Power Generation
  • Power Distribution
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ducting

The Situation

Pages Event Hire recently approached Active Air Rentals to provide the turn key power supply, power distribution and climate control solution at Visy‘s recent processing plant launch.

Visy is a leading, privately owned packaging and resource recovery company, who strives to create a world where rubbish is a thing of the past, and everything is recyclable.

It’s in Visy’s nature to challenge things, and it’s in our nature to love a challenge, making us the perfect fit to provide the power and climate control to their stage 3 processing plant launch in Tumut, NSW.

Visy planned to host up to 250 valuable and high profile guests, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, at their launch event, followed by a BBQ for Visy employees.

Pages Event Hire erected a 25 metre x 30 metre marquee at Visy’s processing plant site in Tumut to host the event.

The Challenge

“The real challenge with this installation is the structure itself. There was an internal gable at one end which makes it harder to make the inflatable ducting aesthetically pleasing.” Says Nick Wilson, Site Operations, Active Air Rentals.

“The marquee roof had a silk lining, which makes the space look fantastic, but provides us with a challenge in how to anchor the inflatable ducting to sit flush against it.” Continues Nick.

“We overcame this by drilling into the frame and installing a riv nut and off that an eyelet bolt, this allowed us to get the ducting flush and once the ducting is removed; there is no visible change to the frame, making it a great solution.” Concludes Nick.

The Solution

Active Air Rentals designed a turn key temporary power and climate control solution to meet the needs of the kitchen, AV, amenities and entertaining area.

We commissioned two 56 kW packaged air conditioning units powered by one of our 100 kVA generators. Two 20 metre ducting runs were installed to the roof of the structure to provide a comfortable temperature for guests for the duration of the event.

We commissioned a 200 kVA generator to provide the power for the kitchen, AV and amenities. Distribution boards, cable runs and cable covers were used to distribute the power to the various areas.

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