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The Project:

Active Air recently provided a solution for a chiller breakdown for Viscount Plastics.

Receiving a 7am call for help, Active Air were asked to assist with an urgent breakdown at Viscount Plastics; one of their chillers, which is crucial for cooling the water for their machine that produces wheelie bins, had gone down.

Active Air quickly set up a temporary chiller system. This included our 200 kW chiller, heat exchanger, buffer tank, and an additional 5 /s pump. This meant that production of their wheelie bins could continue in the same day that the breakdown occurred.

With years of experience under their belt, Viscount Plastics manufactures rigid plastic containers for the food packaging and material handling industries.

By providing the client with a temporary chiller solution, Viscount Plastics were able to get back to what they do best with minimal disruptions.

Services rendered:
    • Climate Control
    • Temporary Chiller Solution
    • 200 kW Chiller

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