The 2014 AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things

The Situation

Last week, Perth children and their carers were treated to the ever popular AWESOME International Arts Festival For Bright Young Things– an extraordinary array of theatre, contemporary dance & music, sculpture, installation and new media in the Perth Cultural Centre.

The Solution

The event used numerous temporary structures; all of which need air conditioning. Active Air got the call thanks to our extensive expertise in air conditioning temporary structures.

Based on each structures’ size, available power, expected heat load and layout we installed:

Many of the event sculptures were highly valuable with a simple black and white marble one worth more than$1m! Because of these valuable pieces of art and the highly crowded event location the Active Air team maintained a vigilant focus on OH & S.

The Results

Thousands of visitors enjoyed the event with adjectives such as ‘awesome’, ‘spectacular’ and ‘amazing’ being freely used to describe it.

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