Sydney Festival 2021

Providing clients with Air conditioning for Event, National Coverage, Marquee Cooling, an End-to-End Solution


The Project:

Once again Active Air was brought in to provide climate control and power to Sydney Festival. With multiple sites across the city, each with it’s own individual requirements, our team was able to provide a complete, customised solution.

At Customs House we provided electrical distribution from existing lighting poles to their infrastructure. While at Barangaroo we provided power and climate control for the site shed villages at The Cutaway.

The stage used for concerts at The Headland was powered by two of our 200 kVA generators and one of our 60 kVA generators, which were all synchronised. While the shows were on, the 200 kVA generators ran as they were manually synchronised as a back up precaution; if one generator failed the other would take the load. And while the shows were not running, the generators were installed with a load demand set up connected by a common bus which allowed for the larger generators to shut down and the 60 kVA generator to run. It was a cost effective and efficient set up for the client/

We also provided air conditioning for the green room which was located next to the marquee, as well as power for the catering area at the Star Gazer Lawn; a 60 kVA generator was running at all times.

The event ran smoothly with no issues.

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