Super Storm Interrupts Major Australian Event

The Situation

There are some things that beyond an event organiser’s control, and one of those is the weather.

Projections onto Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) came to a halt when severe storms came over Sydney and the Pitt powering the installation flooded.

The Challenge

The site posed some challenges for a temporary power solution.

The area is covered by pavers, meaning an earth stake would be required to be installed into dirt 75 Metres away, with an earth cable then run to the generator.

A crane would be required to truck in rubber pads also for the generator to protect the pavers.

IMG_1542The Solution

On Saturday, once power was lost, organisers were quick to notify Active Air Rentals. The Active Air team immediately came up with a temporary power solution and placed the equipment on standby awaiting go ahead.

10 am on Monday, after the storm had eased, event organisers contacted Active Air Rentals giving them the green light to carry out the install of temporary power.

Within two hours Active Air Rentals had powered up the site with their 165kva generator and installing a copper earth stake 75 Metres away, then running an earth cable out to the generator.

“Within 4 hours of finding the problem and calling Active Air who have always helped us when in need of power, Dominick had a Generator on Stand by Saturday early afternoon ready for delivery.

IMG_1541While we were waiting for a confirmation which came Monday, Active Air and Dominick were able to deliver within two hours of confirmation and we were up and running again for the week.

The Process was quick and easy with Dominick from Active Air easily accessible to talk to whether it’s a Saturday morning or a Monday work day.” Anthony Pellizzari, Technical Project Manager , TDC.

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