Spiegel Tents, Discrete Ducting And Exceptional Air Conditioning – Adelaide Festival

The Situation

Adelaide Festival is one of the world’s great arts events. For more than 50 years the festival’s audiences have delighted in an outstanding mix of internationally acclaimed theatre productions, an eclectic array of world-class musicians, breathtaking dance pieces, renowned writers and striking visual arts displays. Enjoyed amid warm March days and starry nights, Adelaide Festival’s celebration of creative excellence makes for an event of truly epic proportions.

This year is no different.

Just two months prior, the Adelaide Festival organisers approached Active Air Rentals regarding air conditioning for their numerous marquees, Spiegel Tents and temporary structures.

This is the sixth year Active Air Rentals has been involved but this year there is more focus on redundancy and aesthetics.

‘Due to the extreme heat we’ve experienced at previous Festivals, this year we added redundancy units which can be mobilised in just one hour’ Explains Brad Sweeny, Director, Active Air Rentals.

As well as keeping the patrons comfortable, the air conditioning will:

  • Be quiet – noisy air conditioner are not an option for performances and the public.
  • Never fail – tens of thousands of visitors are expected to attended the Festival with seven marquees / tents / temporary structures requiring air conditioning.
  • Be discrete – intrusive ducting isn’t acceptable for the visually stunning Spiegel Tent and marquees.

The Solution

Working in close collaboration with the Adelaide Festival organisers, the Active Air Rentals team put together an effective air conditioning plan and designed discrete ducting systems.

“We’ve used seven packaged unit air conditioners ranging in size from 18kW to 128kW” Explains Brad.  “With events, the look of the equipment is just as important as its functionality. The air conditioners have been installed out of public view behind the marquees. While the ducting has been designed specifically to be hidden and / or blend into the background.”

The Outcome

The Active Air team had just one week to complete the install and did it easily.

“The event looks set to be a great success.” Says Brad. “The opening week is expected to have temperatures in the late 20s and  there is a lot of anticipation.”

About Active Air Rentals

Active Air Rentals is Australia’s all round cooling, heating and power rental company. Specialising in hire and rental of temporary air conditioning, power generation, climate control and refrigeration equipment.

Founded in 1972 by Managing Director, Jim Sweeny, Active Air Rentals has grown from humble beginnings as air conditioner installers and sheet metal manufacturers, to an all round national cooling, heating and power rental company.

Today we are a multi-faceted business with four branches, two distribution centers and employing over forty permanent staff across Australia.

Active Air Rentals is renowned for providing outstanding service, excellent customer relationships and addressing difficult, unusual or specialised projects.

Active Air Rentals has over 40 years experience installing temporary air conditioning into every conceivable location.  From crane towers to coal mines, from war ships to entire inner city villages, from emergency civil defence camps to enormous events such as the Australian Open and thousands of offices and server rooms along the way.

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