Power Distribution at Diesel, Dirt & Turf

The Situation

Held at Penrith Panthers, the Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo showcased the biggest range of earthmoving machinery dealers, earthmoving attachments, trucks, boats, bikes, mowing equipment, and much more.

Run by representatives of the Australian earthmoving equipment industry the event is designed to boost the Western Sydney Construction Boom.

Event organisers approached Active Air Rentals to provide their temporary power and power distribution solution.

The Challenge

20160416_124950Panthers is an exciting location, but with its fantastic loc ation and facilities comes a range of challenges when distributing power to the many stands and stalls. To distribute power around the site and along the lake; Over 1km of cable runs were installed, even when the power requirement was a single 10A outlet.

The Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo showcased some big machinery, and Active Air Rentals needed to make considerations for large equipment, like excavators and drum rollers, being driven during the event when designing the power distributionsolution.

The Solution

Active Air Rentals commissioned 4 of their generators to assist with mains power supply in powering the event. Cable runs included lengths of over 300m cable covers to ensure power was distributed safely out to the stand sites.

20160416_11333316 distribution boards and approximately 3km of cables were used to run power to 92 exhibition stands and service operators over the weekend.

To ensure the temporary power ran smoothly, a technician was onsite all weekend monitoring the equipment. And that it did.

Diesel, Dirt & Turf was a great success, and Active Air Rentals hopes to be a part of it again next time.

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