Porsche Rennsport Powered and Cooled by Active Air

The Situation

After a three-year break, the Porsche Rennsport was set to return to Sydney in 2016. Held on 30th April and 1st May 2016 at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. Event organisers were determined to make this Rennsport livelier and include a greater range of fan activities.

And that they did, Rennsport featured over 450 cars, 200 of which graced the track in racing, and lots of priceless racing and road-going examples were on display in the PorscheStrasse.

With loads of off-track activities and a host of excitement on the track, including the Carrera Cup, the event organisers needed some serious temporary power and air conditioning solutions to keep guests, drivers and staff comfortable.

Event organisers approached Active Air Rentals to provide their temporary power and climate solution.

The Challenge

A Porsche dealership, ProcheStrasse, was erected inside a 20M x 15M soft wall marquee for the weekend, housing some pretty pricey and impressive automobiles. The second marquee, of equal size, catered for and fed drivers taking part in the Carrera Cup. Both marquees required temporary power and climate control.

Temporary power also needed to be run to the group S&N pits and the various tents hosting activities, and, the solution required separate billing to 11 different cost centres.

The Solution

“Providing climate control inside the soft wall marquees meant air couldn’t be ducted into vents flush with the wall as you could on solid wall structures. Instead, we used duct towers inside the marquees and we distributed the air this way.” Explains Dom Cook, Project Manager, Active Air Rentals.

01052016_Rennsport_trackTwo 55kW packaged air conditioners were used to provide climate control to both the PorscheStrasse and drivers lounge marquees.

To enable separate billing for the 11 cost centres, Active Air Rentals commissioned 11 of their generators ranging from 15kVA to 165kVA to power the event. There were, however, logistical challenges in moving that amount of generatorsaround.

“With a tight bump in time, we coordinated the transport of the generators to a central location at the event and from there used forklifts to move them into position, this eliminated the need for the extra trucks to deliver the equipment.” Notes, Dom.

To ensure the temporary power and climate control ran smoothly for the event, Dom was onsite all weekend monitoring the equipment. And that it did.

Rennsport was a great success, and Active Air Rentals hopes to be a part of it again next time.

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