The Fight Against Pests Heats Up With 21kW Electric Blower Heater

The Situation

A pest control company called with a unique problem. They were contracted to decontaminate shipping containers in a high security area at the Port of Fremantle. However their techniques were radically reduced in lower temperatures.

The environment was highly safety focused and gas fired systems were not an option. An internal radiant heater was also not an option as air distribution was critical.

The outside temperatures were relatively low and it was very important that they could “blow” hot air in to the container at rapid rate.

What Happened

The 21kW Electric Blower Heater with ducting adaptor did the trick.  It requires 415V 3 phase 32 amp power, is robust and safe, has a rapid air flow of 850m3 / hour, is highly efficient and cost effective.

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