One Chilled Out Leopard Seal

Taronga Zoo keepers were puzzling why one of their Leopard Seals was not putting on weight as expected.

A quick check of the seal’s tank showed that the 24°C water temperature was far from optimal. Leopard Seals enjoy 20°C environments, so water that was 20% warmer was a real concern.

The Situation

The seal’s 60,000L tank is kept fresh and cool via a recirculating pump which drags water from the depths of Sydney Harbour. However, with the harbour currents being warmer than usual, the seal’s tank water was also warming up.

The Solution

Taronga Zoo gave Active Air Rentals a call and after a chat with the keepers and maintenance team a simple but effective plan was devised.

Given the tank size and required temperature an 80kW Air Cooled Chiller was all that was needed. The next day the 80kW chiller was delivered, hooked into the pump system and turned on.

The Results

The warm sea water is dragged up as usual, now goes through the 80kW chiller, cooled and then pumped into the tank at a very comfortable 20°C.

The seal and keepers are all very happy.

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