Quick Cooling For Banks, Offices, Retail and Post Shops

The Situation

Customers often ring when their air conditioning has failed and they are in a business environment where being without it is not an option. Environments include banks (read what we did when a National Australia Bank branch lost their air conditioning), offices, retail shops, post offices and other such places.

What Is It?

The 4.5kW Portable Air Conditioner is the benchmark for all other air conditioners. It is compact, light, highly effective and quiet. It is also very easy to install; depending on the site it can usually be up and running in a just few minutes.

The 4.5kW Portable Air Conditioner can easily be equipped with a float controlled condensate pump and, through a tiny 10mm plastic tube, pump the water outside or to the nearest drain. The pump is very powerful and the draining point can be located a long distance from the pump if necessary.

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