Luxury Service For A Luxury Brand

The Situation

As Sydney struggled through a three day heat-wave the show still had to go on for the luxury brand collection  being shown at the Hordern Pavilion.

Just three hours before the start of the show Active Air Rentals received a call from Playbill Venues, the managers for the Hordern Pavilion.

Brad Sweeny, Director, Active Air Rentals, explains the call. “Due to the extreme ambient conditions and the heat load generated from the event lighting, the venue’s existing air conditioning system could only maintain 24 degrees. This is a completely acceptable temperature. But the agreement with the luxury brand event manager was 22 degrees so that’s what it had to be.”

The Solution

Time was of the essence. “Even though we were extremely busy, we managed to deliver and install 2 x 105kW packaged unit air conditioners, associated ductwork and electrical cabling. The installation was operational by 5.30pm which gave us enough time to cool the space to the desired 22 degrees before the show started at 6.30pm.

The Results

The client says it best:

“Playbill relies heavily on a core set of contractors that can provide fast and effective solutions to changing event requirements.

Active Air are a flexible and effective service provider that are a pleasure to deal with.

Knowing that a solution is a phone call away makes our job in servicing our clients far easier, and allows us to provide a world class versatile venue. Many thanks to the Active Air team.” – Doug Thompson, Playbill Venues

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