Long Term Chiller Hire

The Market Demands It

Long-term chiller hires are becoming a hot option thanks to the slowing market, mining’s downward trajectory, business confidence falling back below the long term average and slowing capital expenditure,

In this environment businesses still need to upgrade physical assets but don’t have the resources, or desire, to sink capital into such projects, hence the popularity of hiring chillers.

Australia’s leading climate control rental specialist, Active Air Rentals has taken the innovative stance of offering clients long-term chiller hires. Enabling companies to install replacement or supplementary equipment even when capex funds are not available.

Active Air Rentals director Brad Sweeny explains,

‘We know that companies are taking many measures to sustain cashflow and they’re reserving capital in the face of continued market uncertainty. But we also know there is still a need to install or upgrade HVAC equipment, hence this flexible service.’

Designing A Rental Service

Active Air conduct site evaluations for every project, providing advice on the most suitable equipment for individual requirements. Their expansive rental fleet offers air-cooled chillers, low temperature solutions, air handling units, boilers, generators, portable air conditioning and heating solutions.

Rental contracts can be tailored to a company’s individual needs ranging from a week to a number of years with their long-term rental packages. All accessories, insurance and maintenance costs are included in the rental packages so clients are never faced with unexpected budget blowouts.

Rental Benefits

Sweeny explains why budget-conscious clients prefer the rental option,

‘The rental service offers businesses a tangible cost saving option. Monthly rentals are fixed, meaning businesses can accurately budget each month and rental charges can be offset against tax liabilities.’

‘Our rental service is all-inclusive with no hidden costs. Every aspect associated with the rental is included in the agreed monthly price. Additionally, the service does not include any leasing agreements or interest payments. Neither is there depreciation, as we own the equipment.

‘Finally, the rental service offers greater flexibility. Capacity can be quickly increased or decreased depending on demand.’

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