Leichhardt Long Lunch Power And Distribution

The Background

On Saturday 22 August the inaugural Leichhardt Long Lunch was held in Sydney.

Featuring long communal tables, food and wine stalls, artist, artisan and quality merchandise stalls plus fabulous entertainment and cooking demonstrations the community celebration was a hit.

The event was as initiative of the Annandale Business Chamber sponsored by Leichhardt Council and run by Impact Exhibitions and Events.

Patrick from Impact Exhibitions and Events explains the lead up to the big day:

“We got council approval for the event just one week before it was scheduled to happen so we had very little time to put it together. We were working with Patties Hire and mentioned that we needed power and distribution to approximately 20 stalls and a number of stages. Steve from Patties recommended Active Air Rentals so we gave them a call.” – Patrick O’Reilly, Event Manager, Impact Exhibitions and Events

The Solution

Cooperation And Flexibility

Patrick met with Dominic Cook, Head Electrician, from Active Air Rentals the Monday before the event. Dominic describes the process, “We worked together to define the best solution that was also the most cost effective. Patrick helped by grouping together the stalls that required power, meaning we ran minimal distribution cabling and required just one generator that could be positioned in a safe space away from the food stalls and public.”

“Event managers often don’t realise they can have a significant impact on budgets if they involve their electrical suppliers at the start and are flexible in their site layouts; just as Patrick did.”

“We also extensively used cable covers to ensure no trip hazards as well as keep the event site tidy and professional.”

Quick Bump In and Bump Out

The Active Air team was on site at 4.30am on Saturday to do bump in. They came back at 5pm for bump out and were completed by 6.30pm.

The Results

The inaugural event was a great success. So much so, that it will be extended to three events next year culminating in the Leichhardt Long, Long Lunch to be held at the Norton Street Italian Festa – Australia’s largest street festival held annually on the last Sunday in October.

Patrick sums up the service from Active Air, “All went very smoothly. The Active Air team knew what they were doing and there was not a single hiccup.”

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