Keeping it cool at Woolworths Double Bay

Woolworths, Double Bay NSW, had been experiencing some issues with their air conditioning system for around a week prior to the Easter long weekend. So, when they knew the weather was heating up and with valuable chocolate treats to keep for the Easter Bunny’s deliveries, they called in Active Air Rentals to ensure there would be no spoils come Easter Sunday morning.

We received the call on Friday evening, and working with power provided by Woolworths contractors by midday on Easter Saturday morning we had installed 5 of our 20kW portable air conditioner units on the rooftop redirecting chilled air into the fresh air intake of their air handling unit.

With the install on the rooftop parking area, it was important to ensure the safety of the public. Along with the units and ducting we installed screening to secure the area and safety of Woolworths customers.

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