Keeping Data Rooms Cool During Planned Maintenance

Resized_20160506_124211The Situation

Like most companies at this time of year, Vocus Communications, Perth office, had to shut down their entire air conditioning system for a week to carry out tests required to ensure their system continues to run at its best.

Vocus Communications has tasked themselves with becoming the most loved telco, so it was paramount that Active Air Rentals provided a climate control solution for their data rooms that would mean there was no disruption of service for their clients throughout the testing period.

The Solution

Active Air Rentals supplied 4 x 10kw and 2 x 20kw portable air conditioning units accompanied with condensate pumps to keep the area at a constant temperature for the week.

Active Air Rentals installed the units before the testing and removed the units at the end of the week once all maintenance tests had been carried out. During the hire, there was no disruption to the team at Vocus Communications or their service offering, the temporary climate control solution worked brilliantly.

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