Keeping Things Cool While Waiting On New Chillers to Be Built

The Situation011

Our client, Astral Pool, a pool and accessories manufacturer, everything from filters to blow moulding plastics and cleaners. With their continued and success and growth, they purpose built a new facility to continue to grow their manufacturing operations.

As often happens, they were ready to move in and start operating before their new chillers were built and installed. Keen to get underway, Astral contacted Active Air Rentals for a temporary solution to allow them to start production.

The Challenge and Solution

While investigating the site, Active Air Rentals identified some plumbing issues that would mean installing a temporary solution would be a little trickier than first thought.

012Never shying away from a challenge and working closely with Astral, Active Air Rentals overcame these obstacles in the current set up, determining that rather than the planned primary solution a secondary solution would be more suitable.

VIC State Manager for Active Air Rentals, Ian Winneke explains;
“They had issues with water flow which we identified was from an air lock in the system, we worked together to bleed the air from the system then were able to commission the chiller & have running correctly.”

Active Air Rentals installed and commissioned their new 140kW slim line chiller for the job. The unit was completely plumbed into the new purpose built system pipework and continues to run in place while Astral awaits their new chillers.

The new slim-line chillers are the ideal solution, with their narrow footprint, only 1200mm wide and quiet in operation, they are the quietest most maneuverable chillers (for their 018capacity) on the market.

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