How to create an air conditioning contingency plan for your server room or data centre

If you manage a server room or data centre, you understand the importance of ensuring there is no down time due to power or air conditioning failure. It is vital to have a backup planning ready and waiting in case disaster strikes. This will allow you to jump straight into action and get your server room back up and running as quickly as possible.

We’ve mapped out the key information you need to create a contingency plan for your server room’s air conditioning.


Existing air conditioning system

Is there currently an AC? And if so, what is the capacity? This will help determine the capacity of the temporary units required.


Size of the data room

What is the size of the room your data equipment and servers are kept in? This will help determine the amount of cooling capacity required to cool your room.



Where is the data room located within the building (eg. ground floor, top floor, etc)? Where are the access points to enter the room? This will help determine how room can be accessed and how the equipment will be moved into place.

You will also need to identify if there are any drainage points and their locations in order to determine where the temporary equipment can be placed. This will also be impacted by whether the room needs to be locked at all time and/or whether security is required, as most cooling equipment requires access to an area outside of the room in order to allow the hot air to be removed.


Power availability

Where is the power located within the room? You will also need to determine whether the power is three-phase or single-phase . This will help determine whether there is enough power available for the equipment. If additional power is required, this should be documented in the plan.


Ensure you have a reliable vendors who are briefed on requirements

The most important element of a contingency plan is ensuring you have reliable vendors who you can depend on to provide quick, effective solutions. You will want to find an air conditioning rental company who:

  • is experienced in providing solutions for data centres and server rooms;
  • has the range of equipment to provide you an effective solution, including both cooling and power equipment;
  • is experienced in emergency response and has the ability to provide you with rapid response; and
  • has experienced technical staff who can trust to provide you with an expert solution.

At Active Air, we can not only provide you with all of the above, but we can also help you create a contingency plan with a detailed outline of equipment, steps and timings, and estimated costs.

Do you need a contingency plan for your data centre or server room?

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