Hot Times On Bennelong Lawn

The Situation

When a corporate event on Bennelong Lawn started to heat up, literally, Active Air Rentals got the urgent call to cool it down.

The combination of a clear marquee, a hot Sunday afternoon and 190 people meant that the marquee was soon stifling hot.

The Solution

Based on the number of event attendees, unseasonal temperatures and marquee size (15m x 20m) the Active Air team specified a 56kW Packaged Unit Air Conditioner and 100kVA Temporary Power Generator would do the job.

But, it was the ducting that needed an innovative approach. The event organisers wanted directional cooling, meaning that ceiling-suspended fabric ducting wasn’t an option. The marquee was clear meaning ducting couldn’t be placed against the walls either.

So the Active Air team discretely ran standard ducting from the air conditioner outside to the marquee wall and slid it underneath. They then installed standalone ducting towers and dressed them in complimentary fabric to match the event decor. The outside ducting was then connected to the draped ducting towers providing good looking and directional air conditioning.

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