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Goulburn Concrete


Mobile Batching Plant

The Project:

Active Air provided a complete solution for mobile batching plant for Goulburn Concrete.

During the warmer months this year, Goulburn Concrete had a major job where a large amount of concrete was required for a structure. To make things more efficient, the project required the concrete to be made on site; it’s no secret to those in the industry that controlling the temperature of the water to mix concrete provides a better quality product. 

This particular site had a water tank of 60,000 ℓ. The task Active Air had was to ensure the water remained at a temperature of 6°C from an ambient temperature of 24°C. The set up which Active Air provided include a 78 kW chiller, pump heat exchanger and buffer tanks. The chiller was set up to work through the night so that the water would be cooled and ready for use during the day.

In this instance, no generator was needed as there was sufficient power on site. 

Our expertise and equipment was the perfect solution for the job, where we managed to have the solution designed and installed within a couple of days. Goulburn Concrete were extremely happy with our quick response and the quality of our equipment. 

Goulburn Concrete’s project was successful with perfectly cured concrete as a result of Active Air’s help. 

Check out the schematic of the system set up below. 

Services rendered:
    • Climate Control
    • Mobile Batching Plant

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