Ferrari Race Days Sydney

The Situation

Over the weekend, Sydney hosted the national-exclusive Ferrari Racing Days event for the first time ever.

Lovers of Ferrari and racing fans alike were treated to the thrilling 458 Challenge series, being raced for the first time in Australia; as well as the technological masterpieces from Ferrari’s XX Programs.

Multiple showrooms and immersive displays were also available and included a replica Ferrari showroom floor fitted with all of the latest models, the Classiche display which featured some of the world’s most uber expensive (some even priceless) Ferrari vehicles, and the Supercar Chronicles, which housed the fastest of the prancing horses – including the first ever LaFerrari to ever appear in Australia.

The Solution

The marquees with the hottest (and most expensive!) Ferraris required air conditioning, so Active Air Rentals got the call.

2 x 35kW Packaged Unit Air Conditioners and a 20kW Portable Air Conditioner were all that were needed. 

The Active Air team installed the temporary air conditioning units behind the marquees and ducted in the cool air. Using colour-matched ducting the air was discretely blown into the marquees keeping everyone cool, cars included.

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