Our heaters come in a range of different sizes and suit many applications. From spot heating through to large warehouse or marquee heating and even boilers for manufacturing heat requirements.

Electric Heater

The electric heaters range from 2 kW through to 21 kW. The smaller 2 kW mini furnace heaters are single phase and the larger 15 kW and 21 kW heaters are three phase units. They can be used for a range of different applications from spot heating to a complete heating solution for larger spaces.

Fuel Heaters

The fuel heaters include diesel heaters and LP gas heaters. These heaters are safe and do not give off any gas smells into the areas being heated. They are a great solution for heating larger spaces such as warehouses, large halls or even large marquees.

350 kW Containerised Boiler

The 350 kW boiler is containerised, streamlining the moving process. It’s great for heating large spaces like warehouses, and is an ideal solution in the event of a boiler breakdown. Plus, it runs on diesel so there’s no need to have natural gas available onsite.

Reverse Cycle

Active Air has a large range of reverse cycle units, beginning with our 3.5 kW portable reverse cycle through to our larger reverse cycle chillers. Our units can provide reverse cycle heating for any application.

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