Disaster Relief – 300 Person Camp For Queensland Floods

The Situation

In recent years “Queensland Floods” is a headline we are getting all too familiar with. In February 2013 the people of Bundaberg were faced with yet another inundation of water, displacing hundreds of people and flooding businesses.

As the water rose, a massive disaster relief operation was launched. The emergency services, military, aid workers and volunteers rushed to help the effected people and properties. Evacuation centres were set up for the immediate response but these were quickly overrun and additional temporary camps or “Tent Cities” needed to be erected.

What Happened

Active Air got the call and together with a strong team of contractors turned Bundaberg Race Course into 300 person camp.

But before construction could begin a thorough plan had to be made; including camp layout, generator positioning, electrical distribution mapping and a robust schedule to get the camp operational in just three days.

Above and Beyond

Faced with searing Queensland heat, constant media presence and the glaring public eye, the Active Air team rose to the challenge and worked incredibly hard to get the camp operational. Even working through the night to take advantage of the cooler conditions.

Active Air’s was responsibile for:

  1. Power supply to site by diesel generators
  2. Onsite refuelling
  3. Three phase power distribution to all areas of the site
  4. Internal single phase power distribution to all structures
  5. Providing emergency lighting and exit lights to structure
  6. Hardwiring temporary toilets, showers and laundry facilities
  7. Providing temporary air conditioning to all structures

The Outcome

By the beginning of the third day the camp was operational and people started to move in. The mood of the camp changed from busy construction site to disaster relief centre and the severity of the situation was realised. It has to be said the generosity of the community and the tireless work of volunteers was both humbling and inspirational.

There were many challenges faced with this camp, no less the timeline, but for all involved, all challenges were met with a diligent determination to get the job done to the highest standard and to get the camp fully functioning and operational.

For our part, it was a pleasure to work on this site. The attitude and enthusiasm of all the people involved was fantastic and the job was delivered to the client on time and to the highest standard.

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