Chiller Failure In A High Functioning Communications Facility

The Situation

Our client, Haden, services a high functioning IT communications facility in Liverpool. The facility services the greater western Sydney area, and thousands of people and businesses rely on their service. Equipment withing the facility requires a 21-degree ambient temperature to continue running efficiently, so when the chiller located on the roof failed, an urgent and prompt solution was sought.

Haden contacted us within a few hours of the chiller failure, and temperatures inside had already reached a critical 33-degrees. At 35-degrees equipment begins to shut down and services are interrupted.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the facility, there was a lot of sensitive and critical power requirements on site, so accessing power would prove to be difficult.

Further, the facility is four stories high and each floor requires cooling to 21 degrees, but there is no internal access or lift, so getting units into position would also be challenging.

The Solution

Active Air Rentals ran through the situation with the Haden over the phone and were able to determine what would be needed to provide a temporary cooling solution. Assessing the situation over the phone allowed Active Air Rentals to commission the required equipment and load delivery trucks promptly.

A hi-crane was ordered to deliver the units through access windows on each floor as well as the roof. Active Air Rentals provided two generators to supply power to the 20kW portables installed on each floor, and these were refueled daily throughout the period.  Distribution boards were used to run power to each section.

The complete installation took 8 hours, and temperature within the facility was returned to 21 degrees within 12 hours of the chiller failing. The rental solution was in place for one week while necessary maintenance was carried out to the site’s chiller system.

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