“Big Ass Fan” Keeps Hangars, Event Tents and Even The Outdoors Cool

What Is It?

With its 2.4m fan diameter and 180 RPM, the HVLS Mobile Fan is lovingly referred to as “The Big Ass Fan.” And for good reason. The fan is used where a huge amount of air is needed but air conditioning isn’t suitable or is ineffective because of the scale of the building or outdoors.

Where It’s Used

The fan is most often used in hangar-like buildings, huge event tents, outdoor festivals or sports events. It’s also often used in the film industry where strong wind needs to be generated to obtain a desired special effect.

The fan can be easily wheeled into position and its air flow can be directed in almost any direction thanks to its clever design.

The HVLS Mobile Fan is rated for unprotected outdoor use and requires only a standard 240V/10A power outlet.

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