Avoiding Data Centre Disaster With Portable Air Conditioners

The Situation

It’s 4am and the overheating alarm has just gone off in a very large data centre in central Perth. The Active Air Rentals team get the call and mobilise immediately.

By the time the Active Air team reached the data centre it had already reached mid 30 degrees and was climbing.

To make it more difficult the data centre is located up a tight stairwell, there is nowhere to duct the hot air and there’s not enough power on that floor to power the required number of portable air conditioners.

The Solution

Based on the required temperature (sub 30 degrees), data centre size (over 120m2), available power and the data centre’s layout the Active Air team specified 6 x 4.5kW portable air conditioners. The team used stair climbers to get the units up the stairs quickly and ran over 50m of power cords from the bottom level to power the units. They ducted the hot air out the data centre’s door and created custom panels to make the room as air tight as possible.

The Results

The Active Air team’s efforts paid off with the temperature dropping below 30 degrees ensuring data integrity was maintained and a very happy customer.

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