Air Handlers, Pumps & Heat Exchangers

When you need complete climate control our air handler units matched with our chillers provide the complete solution. Our heat exchangers and pumps come in a range of different sizes to support our chillers and air handling units.

Small Capacity Air Handlers

The small capacity air handler units match perfectly with our small capacity chillers to provide a complete climate control solution for the smaller jobs

Large Capacity Air Handlers

The large capacity air handler units compliment our large capacity chillers to provide the complete climate control solution.


The entire range of pumps have been designed to complement our chillers and boilers. All pumps are mounted on the custom-built frame to allow for easy movement. Along with the quick-connect plumbing fittings, these pumps are highly deployable, portable, quick to set up, and easy to operate. Available sizes: 5 ℓ/s, 8 ℓ/s, 10 ℓ/s, 15 ℓ/s, 20 ℓ/s, and 30 ℓ/s.

Heat Exchangers

These stainless steel plate heat exchangers are available in multiple sizes, from 80 kW through to 750 kW. Mounted on Active Air’s custom frame, they are easy to transport and move into position. There are also food-grade options available. Available sizes: 80 kW, 200 kW, 500 kW, and 750 kW.

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