A Temporary Chiller for the Iconic Wentworth Park


Wentworth Park


Temporary Chiller

The Situation:

With the future of Greyhound racing in Australia a contentious topic in recent months, the future of Wentworth Park remains uncertain. So, when one of the two chillers that service the site was damaged, our client Veolia, approached us to provide a temporary solution to service the venue until decisions about its future were clear.

The Challenge and Solution:

Two chillers service the Wentworth Park facility, so it was important that the temporary chiller could be installed and work in with the existing systems.

Active Air Rentals plumbed one of their 500kW chillers into the existing pipework at the venue and connected the temporary chiller to the building management system, allowing the temporary chiller to be seamlessly controlled alongside the permanent chiller. This solution, although relatively straightforward, is critical in ensuring uninterrupted service throughout the summer season.

One hurdle the team did face, was that pipework needed to run in front of an emergency exit. A frame was built around the door allowing the pipework to be run over the top of the doorway leaving the exit pathway unobstructed.

Our clients, Veolia are very happy with the temporary installation which will stay in place for the season.

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