A TASTE of Melbourne

The Situation 

Each year Melbourne hosts A Taste of Melbourne where guests can see world-class chefs, taste mouth-watering dishes, sip on delicious drinks, watch live entertainment, shop amongst artisan producers and so much more. It’s a food lovers paradise designed to tantalise the taste buds!

The 2016 event was once again set on the gorgeous Pelican lawn at Albert Park over the 9th, 10th, 11th  and 12th of November.

The Challenge and Solution 

Showcasing Melbourne’s greatest menu to over 25,000 foodies takes some power and some climate control.

Active Air Rentals were approached by Nick from IMG to provide the temporary power for the event and climate control to the Electrolux Taste Theatre.

We wanted to ensure that the power we generated for the event was as efficient as it could be, and this was a major consideration in designing our solution. To reduce the amount of fuel that would be required, we set up two sync set temporary generators to power the site. Whilst this meant we could reduce the fuel footprint, it also meant we would require over 400 Metres of cabling, making the installation a little trickier in ensuring all of that cable was run safely around the site.

The Electrolux Taste Theatre was cooled using our 30kW air handlers, and temperatures were maintained at a comfortable 22 degrees for the duration of the event, despite higher than average outside temperatures.

For our access guests, we installed our new accessibility cable covers at emergency exits, this gave a clear pathway for all patrons to exit. We also installed light towers to exits and cab ranks as a measure of safety for guests leaving the venue after dark.

“As expected, Active Air delivered a totally flawless service from start to finish with this year’s Taste of Melbourne festival. The company is a breath of fresh air in the event industry, and the team has every aspect of product and service perfectly in place. They are friendly, cost-effective, have only the very best equipment, and tirelessly search for ways to save the client money whilst improving efficiency. Festivals would truly be a breeze to organise if every supplier was as well-organised, customer-focussed and efficient as the team at Active Air” Nick Martin, Operations Manager, Taste Festivals Australia

It was a pleasure to once again look after A Taste of Melbourne, the event was another success and we look forward to next year.

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