A Secret Weapon For A Secret Install

The Background

This story is about one of Australia’s leading air conditioning and mechanical engineering services companies. Due to the sensitivity of the project neither the supplying company nor client company can be named.

The clients are currently undergoing an expansive, multi-staged facility-wide power upgrade. The facility provides essential services so it cannot afford to simply turn off the power. Working with a team of subcontractors, including Active Air Rentals, the supply company put together a comprehensive plan to ensure minimal disruption.

Active Air Rentals got the call for specialist cooling equipment for the facility’s data centre.

The supplying company’s Service Manager explains the situation.

‘During the upgrade the facility ran on back up generators, but we couldn’t risk the data centre overheating. The data centre required 120 kW of cooling and is a relatively small area, so we needed portable air conditioners that provided high capacity with a small footprint.’

The Solution

The 20 kW Portable Air Conditioner
Active Air Rental’s exclusive 20 kW Portable Air Conditioner was just the unit for the job. The Service Manager explains why the 20 kW is so popular with his team,

‘We have used the 20 kW air conditioners many times before. The 20 kW is great. It provides high capacity but has a small physical footprint, it’s very easy to install, it highly mobile, the quality is fantastic, it has extra long ducting and it can cope with high static pressure without affecting capacity.’

A Quick Install

‘The supplying company’s team had preplanned the site setup, so knew exactly where and how the units would be placed. We used five of the 20 kW portable air conditioners and they were installed in just two hours.’ Explains Brad Sweeny, Active Air Rentals Director.

The Results

The first stage of the power upgrade went to plan and the data centre air conditioning worked perfectly. The Service Manager sums it up, ‘Delivery was spot on, the communication from the Active Air Rentals team was excellent and the equipment was perfect.’

Stage two of the facility upgrade occurs in a few weeks and once again the trusty 20kW Portable air Conditioners will be in use.

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