$1,500,000 Of New Equipment For Hot Summer and Happy Customers

Posted: 16 September 2013


Active Air Rentals, a leader in cooling, heating and power rentals today announced the purchase of over $1.5 million of new equipment. The purchase includes more than 100 portable air conditioners, 45 packaged air conditioners and a large assortment of air handlers, chillers and the latest generation of silent generators.

“With over 40 years in the business and a strong reputation for quality we know our customers expect the best. We want to ensure our customers are getting the newest equipment that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.” Said Brad Sweeny, Active Air Rentals Director.

“We have had a large increase in demand from our growing customer base across the country and we are predicting a warm summer this year. We know that anyone can give good service in October when it’s 25ºC and there are five jobs on the books. But the difference is what happens in February when it’s been 42ºC for three days straight and everyone in the city wants an air conditioner. This is when our experience, preparation and skills take effect. We have a very skilled team and now with this large investment we are ensuring we have the newest and sufficient stock levels to service our customer needs.”

Portable Air Conditioners

Ranging in size from 3.5 kW through to the unique 20 kW portable units that can be wheeled through a standard doorway. The portable air conditioners are ideal for offices, retail, server-rooms and any other such environment.

Packaged Units

Ranging from 18 kW to 128 kW, the packaged air conditioning units are placed outside the cooling area with the conditioned air ducted in via specifically tailored air distribution methods. These units are ideal for buildings, marquees, events and emergency accommodation.

Air Handlers

The air handlers range from 110 kW to 350 kW and can be used either inside or out as a temporary measure to provide large scale air conditioning. They are ideal for supplemental cooling support, events, warehouse cooling and industrial facility cooling.


Ranging from 60 kW to 1100 kW in both standard and low temp, our large range of fluid chillers are used in manufacturing, hospitals, construction sites, events, building maintenance shutdowns and a host of other cooling applications.


Ranging from 6 kVA to 500 kVA the silenced generators use the latest technology making them run smoother, producing less noise and vibration. As such, they have a significantly lower impact on the environment, burning less fuel and outputting less exhaust. The generators are available on both trailer and skid mounts.

About Active Air Rentals

Active Air Rentals is Australia’s all round cooling, heating and power rental company. Specialising in hire and rental of temporary air conditioning, power generation, climate control and refrigeration equipment.

Founded in 1972 by Managing Director, Jim Sweeny, Active Air Rentals has grown from humble beginnings as air conditioner installers and sheet metal manufacturers, to an all round national cooling, heating and power rental company.

Today we are a multi-faceted business with four branches, two distribution centers and employing over forty permanent staff across Australia.

Active Air Rentals is renowned for providing outstanding service, excellent customer relationships and addressing difficult, unusual or specialised projects.

Active Air Rentals has over 40 years experience installing temporary air conditioning into every conceivable location. From crane towers to coal mines, from war ships to entire inner city villages, from emergency civil defence camps to enormous events such as the Australian Open and thousands of offices and server rooms along the way. 

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