Portable Air Conditioners

What do you need?

The AC S45 spilt system are the ideal solution for any application where heat projection is an issue.

This compact portable air conditioning unit provides effective cooling and heating and is ideal for small areas.

This portable air conditioner is the benchmark for all other air conditioners. It is compact, light, highly effective, quiet, easy to install and cools everywhere.

The 20kW Portable Air Conditioner has large caster wheels for easy moving and transportation. These units are ideal for server rooms, medical laboratories and events.

The 70kW Trailer Mounted Air Conditioner is ideal for emergency and breakdown applications when a large quantity of cooling is required quickly.

This excellent portable air conditioning unit delivers a thumping 10kW of cooling capacity.

There are lots of air conditioning options. Tell us what you’re trying to do and we’ll email you some ideas.