Generator Hire

What do you need?

Hire this mighty generator for mighty power jobs. Our 500 kVA generator comes on a skid mount for convenience, has a big fuel tank and is surprisingly quiet.

Hire the ever popular 275 kVA generator because it’s easy to operate, quiet, fuel efficient, comes on a skid mount and is fitted with plenty of connection points.

Hire the 250 kVA generator for heavy duty power needs. Its long range fuel tank, skid mount and quiet running make it a winning choice.

Hire the powerful and quiet 200 kVA generator because it’s a great all-rounder: easy to operate, skid mounted for convenience, large fuel tank and plenty of connection points.

Hire the 165 kVA generator for small events and short to medium term needs. Its plug and play functionality, skid mount, fuel efficiency and loads of connection points make it ever popular.

Hire the compact 100 kVA generator because it’s easy to use and transport, quiet and fuel efficient. A great option for short to medium term events, industrial and commercial needs.

Hire the handy little 60 kVA generator for short term power needs. It has a good sized fuel tank (which can be extended if needed) and it’s a quick start thanks to its numerous plug and play outlets

Hire our user-friendly 50 kVA generator as it’s conveniently available on a trailer, has a very useable sized fuel tank and has numerous connection points.

Hire the quiet and very handy 30 kVA generator for all sorts of small and / or short term power needs.

Hire the versatile and handy sized 20 kVA generator which comes on either a skid or trailer. It’s fuel efficient and so easy to use with plug and play outlets.

Hire the 15 kVA generator – it may be small but packs a powerful punch and is easy to use with its plug and play outlets.