Temporary Medical Facilities

Temporary power and electrical distribution are vital for the successful operation of any temporary medical facility.

Over the past 48 years, Active Air has specialised in providing temporary air conditioning and powering for temporary facilities.

Active Air has assisted agencies during times of floods and bush fires as well as provided remote accommodation facilities during times of crisis.

“We have the specialised equipment, people and resources to air condition and power any sized temporary facility in Australia,” said Brad Sweeny, Director, Active Air.

Active Air has been involved with the disaster recovery industry for well over ten years and has provided services for both temporary and permanent buildings.

“Not only can we air condition a space, we can provide generators and the associated electrical cabling to distribute power within the space,” said Brad Sweeny.

It’s this full service offering, along with the ability to deploy quickly, that has made Active Air the supplier of choice for so many agencies in Australia and the South Pacific.

Active Air is ready to assist any agency with immediate support during this COVID-19 disaster.

“Our people and equipment are ready to deploy a moment’s notice,” said Brad Sweeny.

If you require temporary air conditioning, power or electrical services during this difficult time, please feel free to contact Brad Sweeny directly on 0417 654 741 or brad@activeair.com.au

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