Adhesive Manufacturer Unstuck Thanks To 220kW Temporary Hire Chiller

The Situation

H.B. Fuller, a leading global provider of specialty adhesives and sealants, faced a sticky situation when their Italian chiller broke down.

The chiller required a part which was only available in Italy and had a three month wait time.

The chiller is a vital part of the manufacturing process.

Hot packing glue comes out of the machinery and into a buffer tank which must be kept at a constant 7 degrees. Any temperature variations would render the glue unusable and stopping production was not an option.

But after a quick call to Active Air Rentals a solution was in place that kept production going and the buffer tank at the perfect temperature.
The Solution

A temporary 220kW chiller was put in place, then working together with the F.B Fuller team the chiller was connected to the existing system.

The chiller was in place for 4 months  and included monthly service checks. The chiller kept the buffer tank at the perfect temperature allowing production to continue uninterrupted until the permanent chiller parts arrived.

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